This article is to help you decide if Buttercrafts is for you

Most of the problems that you are concerned about are common in this field.

The solution to these problems is not just about using the right printable vinyl sticker sheets. It has to work in unison with the right printer settings, techniques and workarounds.

With that in mind, we help to alleviate your concerns below. In addition at the end of this page, we have included a list of printers which are known to work well with our products which we will periodically update and we strive to be as accurate as possible.

And don't forget, if it all doesn't work, we will issue a refund. There is really no risk in giving Buttercrafts a try!


1) My printer keeps jamming with other Printable Vinyl brands

Definitely try us out! 

We had this problem with other brands too, that is why we created Buttercrafts.
Our printable vinyl sheets are made thinner, lighter and easier for the printer to grip.


2) I worry about black ink smearing with glossy sheets

This is a common issue for glossy sheets! Do a Google search and you will realize how common it is. We made it easier for you to see the Google search results at this link: "black ink smears on glossy paper"

Two options!

Option 1: Avoid glossy printable vinyl and go for the matte printable vinyl.

Option 2: Use glossy printable vinyl but select "Photo Paper" as your paper type and always use "Color Printing" as the print setting, even if your artwork is black and white.

We explain it here.

And don't worry! If it doesn't work, we can issue a refund.


3) I am not so sure if my cutting machine (Silhouette, Cricut etc.) will be able to read the markings printed on your sheets

If you are considering matte printable vinyl, we have not had any issues reported for Silhouette or Cricut machines.

If you are considering glossy printable vinyl, there are some reports of reading failures especially with Cricut machines. A Google search here: "Cricut not reading sensor marks on glossy paper" will reveal that this is a common issue with any glossy sheets you print on.

Switching brands may not help. You just need a simple work around.

Our proposed solution is to use matte scotch tape or even matte Mod Podges to cover over the sensor marks for the cutters to read.

More details can be found here for Cricut and here for Silhouette.


4) I am not sure how waterproof your printable vinyl stickers are?

We are confident that our vinyl materials are waterproof.

The question should be: is the ink that you use water resistant?

If not, how can we try to protect it?

1) If there is high water exposure, we recommend using matte sheets as they bind on to inks more strongly and they have less issues with black inks smearing

2) Use spray coats, over laminates or even hot laminates as we have shown in this guide here.


5) List of printers known to work well with our products

Below are printers that are known to work well with our products. Those not listed here means they have yet to be tested.

We will continue to add printers to this list as we collect more feedback from customers. If your printer is not listed here and you would like to contribute to this list, please drop us an email at We really appreciate your contribution!


Did we help alleviate your fears?

Do give us a try!