Sticker making may seem like an easy feat. After all, you just need to come up with a great design, tweak it here and there, print it, then it’s good to go, right? Well, not exactly. A lot of things are involved behind the scenes. Artists, crafters, sticker enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs have all had their fair share of struggles with stickers. It could be a delay in production because of printer jams. It could be wasted resources because of black ink smears, adhesion issues, or cutting machine issues. We ourselves have had trouble with printing stickers simply because we bought the wrong printer. It jammed more than 50% of the time, which made making stickers feel more like a heavy chore than something fun and exciting.

We Live and Breathe Stickers
Don’t get us wrong—we love making stickers! We really do! It lets us create cool things that brings joy to everyone. Stickers are also a great way to commemorate a special event. Plus, they’re so fun to produce. We’ve made stickers of funny memes, sticker labels for friends, and sticker wedding favors. We’ve even ventured to making stickers for Popsockets. Eventually, we started our very own sticker-label-making business. Though it’s quite small, we were able to use stickers as a means to create plenty of wonderful memories with our friends and family. But, as we’ve shared, we encountered a ton of problems along the way.

A Ray of Light
We were frustrated, drained, and uncertain of where we would go from here. We reached out to printer companies but we got nothing from them. Back then, it seemed as if no one was listening to us—that no one was willing to look at our struggles and give us a clear solution. So, what did we do? We turned to online sticker-making communities for support. It was there where we found people who had similar issues, from printer problems to production troubles. That was when we felt heard and understood. Our interactions with the sticker-making communities inspired us to come up with a solution, something that would help everyone overcome obstacles and rediscover the joy in creating stickers. We don’t want Buttercrafts to just be another business that sells printable vinyl sticker sheets and other sticker and label supplies. We want to become a part of the rich and diverse sticker-making community. We want to create solutions that’ll help you fall in love with sticker-making all over again.

Redefining the Way We Make Stickers
Now, we know that it takes a community to effect such as huge change, which is why we envision Buttercrafts to be a brand that creates products through collaborative effort. We want the sticker-making community to be a part of the process, from start to finish. We want to hear from you. We believe that through this community effort, we will be able to come up with better solutions and smoother crafting experiences for everyone.

We want to help you rediscover the joy of crafting by creating solutions that minimize uncertainty, frustration, and fear of things not turning out the way you want them to, so you can focus on creating awesome stickers.

We want to create and nurture a community that helps each other overcome issues through collaborative effort. We see Buttercrafts as a channel that will bring not just solutions but also your ideas to life.