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✅ A FREE pack of 25 printable vinyl sticker sheets (usually priced at $13.99)

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Our Solutions

How Buttercrafts supports you

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Manage Printer Jams

After researching the diverse range of printers available, we've developed two distinct versions of our printable vinyl. This guarantees that Buttercrafts can provide the perfect printable vinyl for any printer model you might have. Simply choose your printer type, and we'll send you the version that's best suited to your needs.

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Manage Black Ink Smears

After extensive research and experimentation with black ink smears, we've discovered a solution. By using Buttercrafts printable vinyl and adjusting your printer to photo paper settings, we've successfully eliminated this issue.

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Manage Curling

Curling of sticker sheets is often influenced by the climate and your work environment, with dry conditions being a common culprit. At Buttercrafts, we tackle this issue by carefully balancing the moisture content in our sticker sheets. For best results and to minimize curling, we recommend removing only the sheet you intend to print on from its packaging, reducing its exposure to environmental conditions.

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Manage Uncertainty

Navigate your creative journey confidently with Buttercrafts. With every purchase, you'll receive a printed instruction + a free PDF guide to help you get started smoothly, addressing the uncertainty that comes with new projects. We're always here to support you. Reach out with any challenges, and we'll assist you in overcoming them.

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Community Support

Our community is our strength. If you encounter any challenges, reach out! With the collective wisdom of our community, we often find solutions. Moreover, we collaborate with our community members to test and refine upgraded versions of our printable vinyl.

Trusted by Over +40,000 Customers

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Would Recommend!

Out of all the sticker paper that I've tried this has to be a personal favorite. The paper remains remarkably sticky even after 1 stick, it does very well under cold water (warm has not been tested) and it's much thinner then most giving it a more slick look! Buttercrafts has been extremely kind and quick in any questions or concerns I've had. Their support (and advice!) is wonderful. Personally I use the Cricut Maker and find the best cut setting for this material being 'sticky note'.

M Soto.jpg__PID:60a7a181-7366-4699-9551-46ae8dbdaa94

M. Soto

Verified Customer

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This product made my company and I life-long customers
I absolutely love this product and their other waterproof sticker paper options. I am an illustrator and the quality on this paper is just incredible. I have professional artists questioning how I make my stickers because the quality is so amazing. It prints beautifully, it doesn’t jam, and it REALLY is waterproof. I’ve had two stickers on my water bottle for 4 months now and washed it, spilled on it, everything you can think of and there has been zero effect on the print.

 I bet my review sounds fake bc I like it so much but.. like… BUY this, for real. You’ll thank me later and will never have to search for another paper company again.


Sarah (Purrnandez Illustrations)

Verified Customer

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Works Really Well!

Researched many printable vinyls and after giving these a try, I’ve ordered a lot more! The sheets load and print easily, no jams, and they cut beautifully with my Silhouette Cameo 4. I haven’t tested the waterproof capabilities yet but they seem solid!



Verified Customer

reviews stars.svg__PID:d644f773-f313-4762-af20-d6c497e803eb

Love It
Amazing for my labels super high quality ordered 2 packs so far and ordering more soon since is the only one that has work for me.



Verified Customer

reviews stars.svg__PID:d644f773-f313-4762-af20-d6c497e803eb

Amazing product and price!
I have tried many brands of printable vinyl and this is the best by far ! Easy to work with and HD quality photos . I mainly use this vinyl for custom timbers.



Verified Customer

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Would Buy Again
Great product. Used with epson printer & Cricut maker. Epoxied without sealing first haven't had any problems.

Niki D.jpg__PID:666699d5-5146-4e8d-bdaa-944a66e79700

Niki D.

Verified Customer

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Join us in redefining sticker artistry, where every sheet is a canvas for your imagination and every design celebrates the joy of creation.


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