Tip from our community! This tip is shared with us by one of our users Susanna from Lemon Pepper Creations. Find out more about her work through the links at the end of this page.

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Problem: Cricut machines are notorious for not reading the cut sensor marks on glossy printable vinyl surfaces. Glossy vinyl surfaces are too reflective for Cricut machines to read the sensor marks properly. Reading errors prevent the Cricut machine from cutting your printable vinyls.

Solution: Paste a matte tape (such as the Scotch Magic Tape) over the black cut sensor lines to minimize the reflection.


Figure 1. Matte Scotch Magic Tape from 3M. Photo courtesy of 3M.


How: Paste the Magic Matte Tape over the cut sensor lines as shown below. Make sure to cover all 4 edges of the black lines completely. The red lines are where the tapes were placed in this picture:

Figure 2. Positioning of matte tapes highlighted in red. Photo courtesy of Susanna.


Conclusion: Works with no problem now!

glossy printable vinyl on cricut
Figure 3. Matte tapes have proved to be effective when cutting glossy vinyls with a Cricut cutter. Photo courtesy of Susanna.

More on our contributor Susanna:
Susanna runs an Etsy store Lemon Pepper Creations, creating handmade stickers. One of her sticker packs "Thanks USPS" shows appreciation to our mail carriers which is really sweet! She uses Cricut Explore Air 2 together with our Buttercrafts Glossy Inkjet Printable Vinyls.
Do check out her Etsy store here and her Instagram here for more of her work!
Thank you Susanna for your contribution!

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Cricut won't cut? This method worked for Susanna. How about you?
Do give this tip a try with our glossy printable vinyls and let us know how it goes!