Introducing the 3 Pillar Strategy

At Buttercrafts, we are in the business of solving uncertainty, frustrations and improving your chances of success, so you can focus on the creating awesome stickers.

How do we do that?

We have developed a 3 Pillar Strategy supported by our Buttercrafts 3-fold safety net to help remove the uncertainty, fear and help you succeed in the long run.

Our products are developed with this strategy in mind to ensure the best results for our customers. As you will see, our recommendations are specific to Buttercrafts products.


Pillar 1: Avoiding Printer Jams

We made it simple for you. Two options for printable vinyl offered at Buttercrafts:

Epson Printers - Choose the Buttercrafts ET Series Printable Vinyl

HP, Canon, Brother and all other printers - Choose the Buttercrafts Original Anti-Jam Printable Vinyl

If one option does not work, the other option will be provided at no extra cost as part of our guarantee

Goal is to increase chances of finding a product that works for you. Two tries for the cost of one!


Pillar 2: Manage curling

Cold and dry environments can cause sticker backing sheets to lose moisture and shrink, leading to curling.

The Buttercrafts ET Series has anti-curling properties.

Best option: Use Epson printers together with Buttercrafts ET Series

Other options:

1) Try the Buttercrafts ET Series with your non-Epson printer

2) Continue with the Original anti-jam and use a humidifier in the work area


Pillar 3: Managing black ink smears and smudges

Black ink smears happen with pigment based black inks which are designed for texts on paper documents. They do not adhere well on other materials like printable vinyl.

How to manage: Use "Photo Paper" for paper type setting. If “Photo Paper” setting is not available, try “Glossy Paper”

Best option: Buy a printer that is made for photo printing or at least one that explicitly states that it prints photos in the specifications

Examples of photo printers include: HP ENVY Photo series, EPSON Expressions series, EPSON ET-8500 series, CANON PIXMA G620


Buttercrafts 3-fold safety net to reduce uncertainty, remove your fear and solve your problem

1) Two printable vinyl options - 2 Tries to maximize success

Buttercrafts offers two types of printable vinyl: the ET Series, which works best with Epson printers and has anti-curling properties, and the Original Anti-Jam Printable Vinyl, which is suitable for use with HP, Canon, Brother, and other printers. If one option doesn't work, customers can try the other one for free. With a wide coverage of printers, the probability of success is higher.


2) RISK FREE no questions asked money back

If both options do not work for you, you get 100% money back


3) We continue to work with you

We will go back to the drawing board with your feedback and ask for you to keep in touch and be our product tester for any new prototypes we will make for you.

The Buttercrafts ET Series was born out of this process. It was developed through a collaborative effort with the Epson printer owners in the sticker making community. We listened, gathered feedback, created prototypes, and tested the product with our customers to ensure that it met their needs. This is our vision for Buttercrafts: We want to create and nurture a community that helps each other overcome issues through collaborative effort. We see Buttercrafts as a channel that will bring not just solutions but also your ideas to life.